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Starting a project from scratch is exhilarating, isn't it? That rush of dopamine when you share your grand plans with others, it's like fuel for your excitement. But then, sometimes, that excitement fizzles out before you even get started. Why? Well, that dopamine hit you get from talking about it can trick your brain into feeling accomplished, even though you haven't actually done anything yet. So here's a thought: Maybe it's time to hush about your plans and let your actions do the talking. After all, it's the work that truly speaks for you.

What if you just did things?

A short film about just starting and not worrying so much about what you do or don't have. It's so often that people get choice paralysis because of the amount of resources we have nowadays. It's better to start and just learn from your mistakes now than not learn at all.

Grayscale Heights

Check out Gorchong's new music vid—brought to life by the awesome tag team DoubtingDrew and Clark Bunao. Clark's the wizard behind the camera and editing, cooking up a seriously cool visual story, while DoubtingDrew takes charge of set lighting and locations, ensuring we achieve the intended visual atmosphere. 

Get ready for a vibe like no other!

RC AVENUE Concert Recap

Grooving to the beats of a sensational pop and R&B concert from the one and only RC AVENUE. From soulful R&B vibes to infectious pop hits, the night was a celebration of modern sounds. The stage dazzled with lights, and the crowd danced in unison, creating a memorable, electric atmosphere.

What does it take

Dive into our  short film exploring what makes us human. It's all about the real stuff that defines us – join the ride and ponder what being human is all about!