Since 2016, I have been involved in the captivating world of art, fueling my passion for creative expression. As an aspiring artist, my journey has been one of relentless exploration and unwavering dedication. I find inspiration in diverse artistic media, from photography and film to music and visual arts. However, it is within the realm of visual arts that I truly find my heart and soul.

Within the vast canvas of visual arts, I have delved into various forms, from the meditative strokes of sketching to the boundless possibilities of digital art and the timeless allure of painting. The artistic world has become my playground, and with each endeavor, I uncover new facets of my creative identity. Of course, I take a lot of my artistic inspiration from exceptional artists like late Kim Jung Gi. Yet, my artistic odyssey is far from over. Through my work, I hope to evoke emotions, kindle imagination, and forge connections with each viewer. Thank you!